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Charity                                                                 My Wish

The Chase                                                            I Need Your Help

An American Poem                                              Freakin' History

Baby Bump                                                          Good News From The Future

Guidance                                                              Spaniel

Rusty                                                                    Days In The Jungle

Lost Classic                                                          Metaviews, Volume II

Catfish Records                                                    Metaviews, Volume I

Meeting Notes                                                      Late Show

Let's Make A Deal                                               The Recommendation Letter

Dear Dentists                                                        Premakes

Poetry From The Heart, 6/20/2011                       Hey Dad

Commuting                                                           Poetry From The Heart, 6/17/2011

Math Immersion                                                   Springtime In Hell, Part I

The Connection                                                    The Last Drop

The Proposal                                                        The Introduction


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