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The Introduction

"Somebody call the fire department, because this place is about to sizzle down while your drinks fizzle down, we goin' uptown, downtown, with the old town Boston sound, we're gonna bring the heat so you feel the beat. The snazzy, jazzy, tunes to set the bluesy woozy mood for your pleasure, so get out on the floor and find your treasure 'cause the bluesy boys are in the house... Now, this next number is from our up-up-up cominnnnggg CD 'Ladies of the Night on the Loose in the City Streets of Love Lost and Found.' We recorded this fabulous record under the smooth tutelage of smokin' sax man Billy Bergman, that's right - the man who gave us "You Belong to the City" with Glenn Frey (sax player plays the sax line from song)... oooh, yeah. Smooth, sultry instrument of the night, ha ha... you know what I mean... Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome you to this fine establishment, where the drinks come fast, the smiles come easy and, 1,2,3,4... 'Where the Blues Come First!'"

Oh lovely lady, you took my breath away
Left me on that city corner, with nothing else to say
You brought me to the best place, when I'm comin' from the worst
Now I'd like to take you to (everyone) where the blues come first

I saw you walkin down that street, I saw your velvet dress
You took me past the danger line, my whole life was a mess
I've been bitten by your poison bite, baby I've been cursed
Now I've gotta take you, to where the blues come first - whoo!

(3 minute sax solo)

The blues can come slow, and the blues can come hard
We don't got much time, to heal my broken heart
You gave me just a little sip, and now I've got the thirst
Baby let's go grab a drink where the blues come first

(2 minute guitar solo)

Ooohhh, yeah, the blues
You're looking so fine
The blues, they don't come second, no no...
And they don't come last...oh no they don't
No no no no no
They come first
All the way, yeah.....

(5 minutes of dueling sax and guitar to finish)

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