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Poetry From the Heart

Poetry From the Heart Journal


Today was another very special day for Lily! First, she delicately descended the stairs from her cozy perch atop the hamper.

Then, like a summer morning fog, she entered the kitchen, still clinging to remnants of her little cat dreams. Once I noticed her, she fixed her gaze upon me. "Good morrow, kind master. And such is every day with you and your lovely wife, my queen. A beautiful day indeed."

A bit later, her little kitty tummy must have started to rumble. "Oh, how I fancy a dish of treats. Wretched creator! Why do you shield them from me in their armory tins?!" Soon enough, I had set some tuna and liver in sauce on her petite coaster plate, and she ate them up lickedy split!

Once her appetite was satisfied, she knew it was time for today's recital.

"Oh, per chance, a spinning wheel

Sharpened by wit's play and laughter.

Yet spinning still, wander, spinning;

And spokes, still true, rusted.

I love cheese, meow."

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