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Freakin' History

3rd February, 1919
Boston Massachusetts
Lt. Stephen Rucker
Filing Officer

EVENTS of 15th January, 1919

D.O.W. Rep 21-2-209 sec. C: WITNESS TESTIMONY {CONT’D}
            WITNESS 218 CONT’D: ignoring the matter of saving children, as was deemed most pressing. Those carriage-men attempting to free their horses with evident opportunity to assist in the rescue of a child were apprehended and jailed upon The U.S.S. Nantucket. Mr. O’Rourke has challenged his imprisonment, and, being illiterate, wishes to have the prior statements read aloud for consideration in a criminal court, towards his defense.
DESCRIPTION: Mr. Gallizio is twenty-nine years of age, and presents his occupation as “a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.”
STATEMENT: “I was visiting Tony Chestnuts, God rest his Soul. I was bringing him a package, know what I’m saying? So I thought to myself, ‘hey, nice day and all, I’ll walk’ – you know? It was nice out, and I was kind of tired of driving, so hey. I was walking. So anyways, I’m on Willow Street there, and BOOM. BOOM. There’s this huge BOOM. And I’m thinking ‘whoa…what the [CENSORED] was that?’-- you know? Well, before I know it, BANG. BANG. I am under this stuff, all over me. This stuff, like sugar. I’m thinking ‘what the [CENSORED] is this [CENSORED]?’ You know? Then BOOM. Out cold. Out. Cold. Then you, in my face.”
STATEMENT: “What were you doing there, buddy? Okay? I’m a busy guy, especially in my places of business. Let’s just say I had an appointment with somebody’s face. That make sense to you, soldier boy?"
{REDACTED}                                                                                                                                                                                                          {REDACTED}
REPORT: MR. Gallizio was held under the attention of officers O’Malley, Fitzpatrick, Noonan, Callahan, Callahan and McCarthy of the Boston Police Department for questioning. The United States Army has deemed this matter CIVILIAN and has excused itself from Authority.

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