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Metaviews, Vol. 2

The questions from one interview, the answers from another.

ANDERSON COOPER: All right. So I've got some questions from the audience here.

Eric Williams from Texas: "What do you consider to be the most important event of your life so far? Was it being discovered, producing your first record, what?"

GENE SIMMONS: Ooh! Maybe it's a discussion we can have.

AC: All right, well, that leads us right into the next question. Soloman Obi has written in to you, Justin. And he asks: "How did you feel performing for Obama? Was it different from what would be a normal concert?"

GS: But let's not start something we're not going to finish.

AC: Lovely. Teehram from Pakistan: "What do you enjoy the most while being a superstar, my love? Do you like traveling, screaming girls, for example, or attending the awards ceremonies or shows or concerts?"

GS: Let me ask you something. Why is it shtick when all women have ever wanted ever since we've crawled out of caves is, Why can't a man just tell me the truth and just speak to me plainly? Though, if I do that -- you can't have it both ways.

AC: You have the most unbelievable following. Are you used to all these screaming fans by now?

GS: When you look at it, it says, "Boy that guy's got a lot of money." You know why I'm pulling your leg? Because I can't touch it from where I am. This is a serious kind of –

AC: D.J. Khaled from Nigeria. He's written in, Justin. And he says: "Being a celebrity at such a young age, have you gained or lost anything?"

GS: I will contend, and you try to disprove it, that the most important thing as we know it on this planet, in this plane, is, in fact, money. Want me to prove it?

AC: I don't think any of us like math.

GS: The first thing you need -- besides air, which so far is free, and by the way if you went scuba diving, you're paying for air -- the other thing besides that is food, it's what we need to survive. I don't know what other tool I would use besides money to buy it. Although, as a woman of course you have the ability to sell your body, then get the money, and then, with that, get food. But ultimately money is part of it. And so --

AC: Remain humble and you will go far.

GS: Really? How do you get food?

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