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Hey Dad

 Trevor Collins
 46 Minutes Ago via Facebook for iPhone


Yo, I know it's all real with us and shit, but listen. Listen to the truth. Shit's been straight crazy with me these last weeks, I'm like all running off the hilt. But from beyond respect        comes the word, and thats's where I'm at. So I just need you to settle all up within yourself and get straight with this, because it's coming.

You've always been in my life, and I've got mad respect for that. I think about all the shit I've gone and put you through, and it's legit wicka whack. Ha, you know I'm just playing you saying that, but for real dog, we is tight.

So Dad, I'm paying you true respect. I ride for you across barriers, laying souls out, wasting fools. Well, hold up, I ain't never really wasted anyone, but you feel me dog, I'm with you. Anyway, I gotta ask: why won't you let me go to the 50 Cent show this weekend, man? That's some bullshit. All my boys are gonna be up in that place, and I'll catch ill winds if I gotta skip out on that.

Dad, my grades are much better this term. That's the truth. My biology teacher says I'm straight nailing photosynthesis and all that shit. Word is bond, Dad, and you straight up told me that if I got better grades grades in biology you'd step the hell off. Well, what's up with these games, player? I ain't never wronged you, so why are you hating on your son, son?

Dad, I'm coming straight at you, from the bottom of my heart - there are gonna be mad girlies at this concert, and you're not gonna let me represent? Why are you playing the fool here? You always laid mad wisdom on me, like a prophet, but now I'm seeing that all that shit was false. Well, hold up. That's harsh, I know. We're cool, but I'm straight fuming over here. Just check yourself on this. Please.

Anyway, happy Fathers Day. Oh yeah, I need to lift your whip for soccer practice tomorrow.

Much Love,

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