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Poetry From the Heart

Poetry From the Heart Journal


Today was another magical day with Lily! I awoke to find her already busy with the day's activities, and for a brief moment I quietly watched her carry them out with purpose and vigor. Soon enough, she noticed my silent hovering. "Oh dashing spy," she called to me, "how safe I feel in your caring shelter." We shared a knowing smile, and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.

As usual, Lily arrived before I, and was patiently waiting for her reward. "Nay, you may see my speed as a blessing, kind master," she explained, "but to me the leaden shoes of captivity shall always weigh down the light in my heart. Meow."

After a quiet meal together, Lily gave a solemn nod, and began the day's recital.

"Traps sprung under summer's low skies;

heat lays the springs to the soil, and patience grows.

For the streams to spring forth their wandering bounty,

An eternity must be paid."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and deep.
You are a poet.

Lily said...

Anon 11:44 -

Thank you.



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