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My Wish

I wish every child had a dream. Literally. Emphasis on “a” – as in “one.”

 I wish children were born with a golden token that said “Good For One Dream.”

 And I wish that there was a wizardly – slash – vaguely Middle Eastern looking genie in charge of making those dreams come true.

 Because I am tired of children wanting things all the time. Who do these kids think they are? They need to calm down.

 I would rather just be able to say “go talk to Zanzibal the Magnificent (that would be the wizardly genie’s name), and leave me alone kid."

 No more Christmas, or birthdays, or any gift receiving occasions. Unless you’re a smart kid who wished for a birthday every year, but I’m not sure how cool Zanzibal would be with that. That’s kind of cheating.

 Anyway, I vote that we begin this tradition starting with children who are currently under the age of two.

 We’ll have to get the other, older kids on board first, which could be tricky. Except of course, these kids have no problem with the “Easter Bunny” and the “Tooth Fairy” and all that stuff. So they’ll be down. We can say “think about it, you will have way more stuff than these other kids, unless they are awesome, resourceful wishers. Now go away.”

I know, some of you are thinking "what about teenagers?" What about them? How about "do this or get out of my house." How does that sound to you? I'm guessing "familiar", weirdo. That's enough out of you.

 It’s time we fixed this world, you know?

 We could tell the children “The future is up to you. Sure, older kids get stuff all the time, and you will pretty much only ever get one thing. You are so lucky. Please wish for mommy and daddy to be rich. All the other, cool kids are doing it.”

And that is my wish.



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