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Math Immersion

An Exciting New Program from The Integer

Math expert GhostOfTyrone describes his exciting new knowledge delivery system:

Math Immersion

"Basically, I have you go into a dark room, tightly huddle up in groups of 4, and wait for about 15 minutes while water slowly starts to fill up the room. Then, a strobe light starts going off and shirtless dudes in Minotaur masks and camo pants burst in and start randomly 'shooting' other bathers - who are really plants - with (fake) M-16s. Once there is only one 'plant group' left, one of the Minotaur dudes starts screaming at them 'How many shots did I fire? How many? YOU KNOW THIS! YOUR BRAIN TOOK THIS IN!!' Bang - drops 'em.

Then the lights come on, and every one is standing in a circle around you, clapping."

"Math Immersion - You Will Never Look at Math the Same Way Again"

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