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I Need Your Help

Dear People Everywhere -

Let's try and keep the noise down, okay? Remember, some of us are trying to work. Between you and the ants, the rest of us can hardly hear ourselves think. And thoughts are very important. If you would be quiet, maybe you could hear them, too. They're called ideas. Here's how they work:

Idea: "Hey GhostOfTyrone, I've figured out world peace!"

GhostOfTyrone: "WHAT?"

Idea: "I've solved all of your fellow human's problems, too."

GhostOfTyrone: "I can't hear you - please repeat."

Idea: "I've sent you an email. It's a smaller idea. The world peace/super powers one won't fit onto a single hard drive - so start with the first idea."

That email said "Please ask everyone to be quiet. The world depends on it."

Thanks for your help in being quiet.



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