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All Grown Up

Starring Isla Fisher as Abby Wright, a small town girl who's chasing her fashion designer dreams, and her dreamy high school sweetheart, to the Big Apple. Abby's dreams soon get complicated, however, when she realizes her former sweetheart is now a powerful Wall Street executive, planning his engagement to a well known New York socialite! Join Abby as she navigates through the crowded streets, fashion runways and cast of colorful characters on "All Grown Up", Tuesdays this fall on CBS.


 Abby Wright: Hailing from suburban Ohio, Abby is a strong minded, independent, small town girl with big time dreams. After realizing her fashion designer career was going nowhere in Ohio, Abby follows her heart, and her high school sweetheart, to Manhattan. Join Abby as she attempts to make her dreams, in both love and in fashion, a reality!

Dani Spring: Dani is a free spirited artist living in Manhattan, whose ‘roommate wanted’ ad Abby answered upon arriving in New York. Always ready to deliver a new-age witticism or a wacky solution to Abby’s problems, Dani’s hi-jinks might just prove more than Abby can stand!

Adrian Burke: A proud, gay, African-American man, Adrian is Abby’s co-worker at the fashion design firm she has begun interning for. Always there to dish out advice dealing with men, fashion, men and men, Adrian is Abby’s best friend and confidante.

Darren Fields: Darren is Abby’s high school flame, who moved to Manhattan several years ago to work on Wall Street. Now a high powered broker for a major financial firm, Darren – unbeknownst to Abby – is planning his engagement to a New York socialite and heiress. Can Abby win back the man of her dreams, or will Darren’s new lifestyle prove too much of a gap for the pair to overcome?

Anthony Dellatorrio: Anthony works at the Italian restaurant, owned by his father, which sits below Abby’s apartment. Anthony quickly develops a crush on Abby, and is always there with a shoulder to cry on, some pasta to gnosh on, and some second hand Italian advice for Abby whenever she gets too uptight and forgets to enjoy the flavor of life.

Mr. Chang: Abby and Dani’s landlord, Mr. Chang is a Chinese-American immigrant who consistently applies his traditional discipline and exotic, old world flavor to the girls’ shenanigans. Will his iron clad demeanor rain on Abby’s New York adventures, or will Abby’s heart of gold end up teaching Mr. Chang his own valuable lessons?

Yuri: Abby and Dani’s neighbor, Yuri is an Eastern European taxi driver who keeps strange hours and even stranger habits! Always showing up at the strangest times and under the strangest circumstances, Yuri’s constant romantic advances and strange requests always keep Abby on her toes!

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