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All Grown Up, Episode 1

Hi! I’m Abby Wright! I’ve just moved here to New York, to well, um, well… it’s kind of a long story. You see, way back in high school Darren Fields and I were the cutest couple. We were so icky-dicky cutesy wootsey, deep in love forever, never going to break up, always…well, you get the idea. Well, you know how they say that love only comes once, and then it moves to Manhattan to work on Wall Street? Yeah, that pretty much happened to me. What did I do? I went to college to begin my fashion career. In Ohio. So yeah, it wasn’t going so well.
 So now I’ve decided to move to the Big Apple to win back the love of my life, and oh yeah, really make it in the fashion world!

It all started when I answered an ad for a roommate…

I walked into my new apartment, and it was totally filled with funny smelling smoke! “Hello! Hello!” I called out… no one answered, so I grabbed the fire extinguisher and started spraying it everywhere! Just then, I saw Dani, my roommate. She was hanging upside down in a tie-die shirt and leggings, and she came down from her balance bar and said “whoa, whoa, totally harsh. Can I help you?” I told her who I was, and said “sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your, ummm…”

“Yoga,” she replied. “I was balancing my Chi.” Just then the sprinklers went off… Oh man!

“My jacket!” I cried out.

Just then, Mr. Chang walked in. He’s our landlord. “What going on heah?” he asked. “Who you?”

“Oh, Mr. Chang, I’m Abby,” I said. “I just got here, and um…”

“Rained on my yoga parade,” Dani said. She’s so funny!

Mr. Chang wasn’t so happy! “You peepoh ruin ah rug, you pay for ah rug,” he said, and stormed out.

“Don’t mind him,” Dani said, “he always forgets to eat his Chi-rios. Ha! I’m going to write that in my journal. Now, where did I put that…?” She looked around for a while, and pulled out some of the funniest stuff! Like a teddy bear in a tie dyed shirt, and old Chinese take-out box full of crayons…really wacky! Eventually she gave up and said “So, do you need a hand with your stuff?”

“Sure,” I said. We turned to go down to my taxi, and there was a man standing in the door. He had on one of those fur hats, a tee shirt, some funny boxer shorts, and boots.

“Am Yuri,” he said, “iz good meeting you…”

“Abby,” I said.

“Veel Abby,” he said, “I am zinking vill be good for us to neighboring. I drive taxi. Hugh need ride, Yuri take you. Yuri take you innyvare.”

“Um, ok,” I said.


When I finally got settled, Dani started showing me around the apartment. It was really great and airy, we were really lucky to be able to afford it!

“You sure do have a lot of plants,” I told her.

“They help me balance my…”

“I know, I know, your Chi,” I said. “I have a feeling that my Chi will be pretty balanced before too long…” Just then I saw what looked like a big log leaning on the wall…”what’s THIS?” I asked.

“It’s a didgeridoo,” Dani said. “I play it to balance… my… um, inner peace. And Chi.”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Dani answered.

“Yo, hey, it’sa me, Antony,” the man said. He was holding a brown paper bag. “So Dani, how’sa you Chi? Oh,” he said, turning to me. “I’ma Antony, I worka in the restaurante downa the stairs. What’sa you’re name?”

“I’m Abby,” I said.

“Wella, Abby, I’ve gotta the besta little treat for you girls ina this bag. It’sa some cannolis.”

“Hmm, “ I said, “I’m kind of on a diet…again.” I frowned and pinched my belly.

“Whoa-ah whoa-ah, what’s ah this ‘diet, diet, diet’?” he asked. “You Americans, you drive ah me crazy with ah you’re diets. You need to loosen up, you need to enjoy ah the flavor of ah life, you know?”

Dani had started digging into the cannolis. “Mmmm…,” she said. “These REALLY help balance my chi.”


Well, that’s just a taste of what I’m doing here in New York, and I haven’t even gotten into Darren, and my fashion internship, and my, my… oh my! There’s so much to tell you about! Well, I’ll be back real soon to let you know how I’m doing! Remember, follow those dreams, even if it means going to Manhattan to find your ex-sweetheart and working for free at a fashion agency! It will come true! Your dreams!

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