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As echoes fill the darkened streets,

And children search for tasty treats

Another Halloween is here,

But this will be a somber year.

For children wonder everywhere,

“Where’s the man who beat Ric Flair?

Where’s the spirit of this night,

With those glasses which there was no way anyone could see through, right?

Who will take us from house to house,

Besides our parents obviously, blah blah, uh, mouse?”

So now as Halloween moves on,

Without the man it stood upon,

The children must find another wrestler

To be the King of Halloween.

And once the kids have forgotten Randy,

They’ll go on in their search of candy.

But all the elders will recall

Randy Macho Man Savage was the only reason there was ever a Halloween in the first place.

So as you dress up this Halloween please remember,

Don’t dress up like some idiot

The Macho Man wouldn’t have stood for any of that crap.

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