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Every Picture Tells A Story

Yesterday’s post pointed out that heavy metal band Manowar uses a brief synopsis of the film Conan the Destroyer to open their online biography. As discussed in the post, this is an unusual tactic, but it got me to wondering…

“At the end of Turner & Hooch, Officer Turner surveyed the remnants of the criminal drug ring he had just broken up. Tired and satisfied, his thoughts turned to his partner, Hooch. Turner knew he could not have accomplished his ultimate dream without the help of his smaller, voiceless companion.

Darryl Hall first met John Oates in…”

“Ewok music playing in the background, the heroes of Return of the Jedi knew that they had saved not only a planet, not just a solar system or two, but the entire galaxy. This rag tag group of outcasts had transformed themselves from several uniquely talented individuals into the most powerful force for change in the known universe.

Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam possess this force. ..”

“Throughout the Transformers movies, all sorts of flashy, hi tech movie stuff is happening all over the place. All the ingredients are there for a movie, and a movie happens. It happens thanks to the main elements of movie making: money and technology. It works so well since so much money and so much technology went into producing it.

Boom Boom Pow. Three words, 4 individuals. Music. The Black Eyed Peas."

“Scarface is literally the dopest movie ever. Every line in that movie is dope, Tony Montana is the baddest dude on the Earth, and seriously dog, I don’t even know why they made other movies after that. I’m all grown up and shit, but yo I still want to grow up to be Tony Montana.”

Welcome to the online directory of hip-hop biographies…”

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