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So, I've finally joined Facebook. Have you heard of Facebook? It was in a movie. It's an internet thing. Anyway, here's what I've learned about Facebook: people do not give a shit about what they look like online, and they will literally post hundreds of pictures of themselves on Facebook. It's actually very entertaining. I just bounce from profile to profile, looking at all of these people who put up pictures of themselves for anyone to see, anyone to comment on, and anyone to download and turn into an insulting meme.

Who would do that last one, you ask? Me. How did it occur to me to do this, you ask? I saw:

Don't ask me why I'm bothering to black out the other two faces while showing no regard for the privacy or dignity of the third person. I guess I just love the spraypaint can in Microsoft Paint.

So, I saw that guy, and I couldn't help it.
And Chunk

I'm not sure if this is legal, or if it violates some sort of official internet rule (pretty sure I'm all set so long as I don't post names with the pics) - all I do know is that it is definitely unethical and that I will be continuing to do this until I am asked to stop by Facebook, Google, or Sloth himself.

Who knows - I could end up doing it to a picture of yours.

Then you'd be famous.

Like this woman would be if I wasn't nice enough to block out her face:


Pretty harsh, you say? Creepy, insensitive and weird to take an innocuous photo of a random person that I do not know and turn it into an insulting, sure-to-go-viral internet meme, you're thinking?

Well, you're right. I probably shouldn't do this. For one, there's a chance that Sloth is an ex-Marine, or a top secret bounty hunter with a license to kill. He doesn't really look like it, but you get my point. Wouldn't want him finding me in a dark alley one night, because everyone knows that Marines have no sense of humor (they also know the best place to find me is in a dark alley at night). There's also the chance that Mrs. Leopard Dress is married to a psyhco. It's actually a pretty good chance if he's letting her go out looking like that, but I digress.

Bottom line people: it's amazing how eager you are to reveal personal information about yourselves that could be used against you like this. So, think of this as sort of like "To Catch A Predator" with Chris Hansen, but if they were setting up stings on the young girls instead, and the creepy old pedophile dudes were the actors (that would actually be a pretty awesome show, if you didn't think about it for too long, and were just watching for when Chris Hansen went all "what were you thinking" on 14 year old girls). You follow me?

Good. Glad we had this talk, America.

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